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Glow bracelets - Supply Wholesale in Europe
bracelets fluorescent lumineux par chimiluminescence - marque de qualité supérieure - Superbrite® premium glow
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Glow accessories

Superbrite® Light Up Glow Wristbands

Crack, shake, and glow for 8 hours! Tube of 100 Superbrite® glow bracelets to die for. Size 200mmx5mm. These glow sticks can also be used as stirrers in cocktails. Contains 100 bracelet connectors as well as 2 bullet connectors (12 sticks required). 5 mixed colors in the tube: red, pink, green, blue and yellow
Wholesale glowsticks Superbrite® 5 Colors Light Up Wristbands
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Wholesale pricing for our premium quality Superbrite ® fluorescent wristbands. Brightness of 8 hours minimum with a beautiful intensity on activation. The 100 connectors are included in each box with two additional connectors to form a luminous ball or other decoration according to your imagination.
100 Bracelets Fluo Lumineux Premium Superbrite® - UNIS
Available for fast shipment
Crack, shake, and shine for 8 hours! Tube of 100 Superbrite® light-up bracelets to crack. Size of bracelets : 20cm x 5mm. These fluorescent sticks can also be used as a stirrer in cocktails. Contains 100 bracelet connectors as well as 2 balls connectors.
100 Bracelets Lumineux Fluorescent - Standard - Assortis - Vistaglo
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Glow bracelets

100 Fluorescent Light Bracelets

Fluorescent bracelets by chemiluminescence to be cracked then shake to launch the luminous reaction, color of your choice.
Bracelets en silicone avec coque plastique équipée de 2 LEDs qui s'illuminent en fonction de l'intensité du mouvement.  La couleur des LEDs change au fur et à mesure. Prix pour le lot de 200 bracelets. Piles incluses, veillez à retirer la languette de protection avec utilisation ou distribution.
Bracelets Lumineux LED contrôlables à distance grâce à un radioémetteur. Super produit pour les concerts, festivals, etc. Marquage une ou plusieurs couleurs sur la face avant du bracelet, sur le bracelet en silicone ou sur le côté Plusieurs couleurs, plusieurs modes lumineux déclenchables à distance PRODUIT DISPONIBLE SUR DEVIS UNIQUEMENT.  NOUS CONTACTER

The fluorescent bracelet: the essential accessory for fluorescent evenings!

How do our glow bracelets work?

Our bracelets and all our fluorescent accessories of the Superbrite® brand are based on the principle of chemiluminescence, namely a process of light generation which is based on purely chemical properties. During a chemical reaction visible light is emitted by the light stick.

How exactly does it work? Our bracelets are made up mainly of two elements which react together: the main element contained in the whole bracelet reacts with that contained in the small internal capsule. This mixture will cause the light reaction called chemiluminescence. For the more scientific of our party animals, we are here in the presence of an oxidation-reduction reaction which produces photons.

How to activate the brilliance of a fluorescent bracelet?

Our fluorescent bracelets are made of a fairly flexible plastic resin, which allows them to "crack" and easily break the small capsule contained inside the stick. Then you have to shake the bracelets for a few seconds to mix the two types of liquids inside and to distribute the color mixture well. Once the light reaction has started, you will not be able to stop it!

How long do bracelets stay bright?

Our latest generation SuperBrite® bracelets have a very intense light output.

The duration of shine of the bracelets depends mainly on the ambient temperature. The duration and light intensity are ideal when the products are at room temperature. At lower temperatures, the chemical reaction slows down and therefore the duration of the light increases, but the light intensity will be lower. At higher temperatures, light sticks can achieve greater light intensity but will have a much shorter duration. Either way, our bracelets will shine for several hours, which is enough to make a great party! Whatever happens, the light intensity of fluorescent bracelets will always be much lower at the end of the chemical reaction than at the very beginning of activation.

Generally, taking all these parameters into account, you can count on a shine duration of 6 to 12 hours and a perfect and non-toxic finish.

Note: a hot temperature accelerates the chemical reaction which causes the luminosity of the bracelets, while a polar temperature will slow down the reaction, the bracelets will shine longer but less intensely.

What can be done with SuperBrite® bracelets?

Easy to attach thanks to our connectors: in bracelets, in mixers, in necklaces and in all other forms, this product is available thanks to the different connectors available (headband, glasses, etc.). By 15, by 50 or by 100 and of all the colors, indulge yourself, we offer you the best fluorescent bracelets on the market.

With our inexpensive bracelets create a special and original atmosphere during your event (party, carnival, concert, birthday, private party, fluorescent decoration, seminars, dancing cocktails).

If you are looking for luminous accessories with even more visibility for your evening you can perhaps opt for a light stick that works with LED and will be more visible from a distance and will give even more effect in a crowd of people, in concert, festival, color run, night race, etc.

A question, a request or a quote on large quantities of neon bracelets for an event?

We will be happy to answer you, advise you and / or direct you to the fluorescent and light items that suit you best and that will not fail to amaze participants during your events via our online quote request. 

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