About Vistaglo Company

Created in 2007, the company was born from the merger of two French and German distributors of chemiluminescent products. We distribute products relating to light and events: glow-type fluorescent products (bracelets, accessories, jewellery, gadgets), luminous goodies, decoration and LED products, as well as stage and professional light effects for events.

We are constantly offering new products with the aim of satisfying individuals and professionals in decoration and light entertainment. Innovation, quality, competitiveness and humanity are our fundamental values ​​which enable us to serve you better and to develop ourselves every day.

Satisfying you is essential, especially when buying from a distance. We spare no effort to ensure effective communication and a fast and efficient customer relationship, with responses generally within 24 hours and above all ever faster delivery of your orders.

By email, by phone, we are at your disposal for all your commercial requests. Satisfying you is still listening to you after the sale. Understand your expectations, help you choose in order to provide you with the best solution. We are committed to refunding you the difference if you find it cheaper elsewhere (cf. CGV), in addition to shipping your order as soon as possible.

Fulfilling thousands of orders and satisfying increasingly demanding customers requires efficient logistics. We select quality service providers such as Colissimo, Chronopost, UPS, DHL and FEDEX to deliver your packages, in France, or elsewhere in Europe and around the world. The preparation and packaging of packages is done meticulously, because we want each package received to be a satisfaction for our customers, regardless of the amount of their orders.

See you soon,

The Vistaglo.com team!

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